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Vegetarian Pizza Dough

This time, I wanted to try to “bake” a vegetarian dough and it worked from the first attempt. I was so happy to have an entirely vegetarian option instead of carbs and cheese! The process is simple but step 4 is a bit messy (having food in a towel). Ingredients: 1 cleaned Cauliflower, without leaves 1 Egg 100g Parmesan Salt Pepper Toppings: 60g Tomato sauce 1 Grilled eggplant 2 Grilled zucchinis Sliced Mushrooms 200g Mozzarella cheese 1. Preheat oven to 200°C. 2. Put the cauliflower in a food processor until finely chopped. You will get a texture similar to almond meal (powder) 3. Transfer the cauliflower mixture to a bowl and cook it in the microwave for 5 minutes, until tender. 4. Put cauliflower mixture in a towel and let it cool for 10 minutes in the fridge then squeeze out the excess water until it is completely dry. 5. Mix the egg with the cauliflower, add parmesan, salt and pepper until well-combined. 6. Spread the cauliflower dough on a baking sheet simply like a pizza and bake for 40 minutes until gold. 7. …

Pizza Dough

It is Pizza day! Sometimes we need carbs and cheese to get through the day. Pizza has it all! And the veggies will make us feel less guilty! Here is the dough recipe for 2 medium sized pizzas: Ingredients 3 cups Flour (keep a bit more for dusting) 1 cup Water (lukewarm) 1 tbs Instant dry yeast 2 tsp Salt 1 tsp Sugar 2 tbs Olive oil 1. Mix the yeast with water and leave for 5 minutes (till it has some sort of mousse on top). 2. Combine all dry ingredients in the robot. 3. Add the oil and the yeast mix. >> Mix until the dough comes together in a solid ball. If the dough is sticky add flour; if it is too dry add water. 4. Put the dough in a bowl and cover with a plastic wrap. Keep in a warm area for about 1 hour. The tip: you can do the dough overnight and keep it in the fridge until the next day! Bon Appetite, The Urban Apron